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The Qualifications


The Qualifications


Our team of professionals hold the following qualifications and association memberships. In this section of our site we hope to give you an insight as to what each association stands for:

 British Association Snowsport Instructors.

 BASI in the national training and awarding body for snowsport instructor qualifications in the UK. Instructors can qualify in 5 disciplines, Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark, Adaptive and nordic. Instructors begin with a level one award and progress over many years to the international awards (level 3 and 4). At this point instructors become members of ISIA International snowsport instructors association and can teach skiing both on and off piste to the highest level.

 Irish Association of Snowsport Instructors (IASI)

 IASI is the national awarding body for snowsport instructors in Ireland. IASI has a 4 level Alpine system with the top levels recognised world wide. 

International Snowsport Instructors Association (ISIA)

International Snowsport Instructors Association (ISIA) is the world body of professional snowsport instructors. As an organisation it sets minimum professional standards that a snowsport instructor needs to meet to be a member. ISIA set high standards of technical, teaching and safety levels.

 BASI Off piste mountain security Award

 The BMS qualification is a six day training and assessment course attended by ISIA level instructors. Instructors are taught and assessed in leading groups away from the security of  marked pistes. Training covers safe travel in the mountain environment, avalanche awarness and snow craft, navigation, performance off piste, and competent use of equipment and skills required for off piste skiing (avalanche beacons, probes and search organisation). Instructors holding this award can lead and teach off piste within a resort boundary ( Non glaciated off piste routes)

 Level 2 Back Country security (Euro Off Piste) Award

 The Euro off piste is a back country and mountain safety qualification that is mandatory for level 4 instructors. Instructors with the Euro Off Piste qualification can teach off piste snow sports and lead day tours in the high mountains within and outside a ski area boundary. Instructors with this award have undergone tough assessment and training in high mountain safety and awareness off piste.


 Our snowsports school is officially registered in the state of Tirol / Austria where we are legally permitted to teach, coach and guide as part of  an agreed framework. Our team are also registered in Tirol with their professional qualifications ( Diploma schilehrer / Landeschilehrer).